Friday, 28 September 2012

You know my Stez'

If you had To The Max on 12" back in the dayz of wayback when people used to pay for music and eat pterodactyl eggs for breakfast, you only needed to own a copy of Stezo's patchy Crazy Noise LP for its amazing cover where he was resplendent in a still-next level stonewashed Canadian tuxedo, and the Girl Trouble joint which was basically Know The Ledge before Know The Ledge was Know The Ledge, albeit way less austere and with the scheming mom dukes of a scorned daughter as its chief villain. A former EPMD back-up dancer really had no business making a song this good :

Stezo - Girl Trouble
(From Crazy Noise LP; 1989)

It obviously doesn't hurt that he's Rapping over one of the funkiest pieces of music to ever emerge out of New Orleans on Girl Trouble, but Stezo deserves credit too for concocting such a compelling set-up narrative and pioneering the gettin'-caught-in-a-unfriendly-neighbourhood-because-of-a-chick sub-genre of Rap that Know The Ledge would perfect a couple of years later. Yo, remember when Rappers used to call guns ‘jammies’? I certainly do, because my buddy O.G Emilyn convinced me they were referring to used tampons as opposed to firearms back when we were chil'ren in the late 80s.


bradley said...

i've only ever had his singles but this is so good

done said...

ha "O.G Emilyn convinced me they were referring to used tampons as opposed to firearms"

Me too, Id been put off by the weed carrier stigma, him and Shell Rumble were kinda the OG Masta Killa and Jungle? This songs shmoov