Thursday, 27 September 2012

Finally - a new song I like!

And it has a Puffy-on-My Downfall-megaphone-chorus and a bassline to die for! Okay, so if E-40's Concrete sounded like Sherlock Holmes on the trail of some D-Boy scoundrels like Noz once suggested it did, then IamSu!'s Two Eleven here sounds like like London's greatest fictional detective on the trail of some girlfriend-snatching scallywags :

"After the club I'm leavin' early for a reason
left witcha girl took her back to the four seasons
n*ggas be mad 'cause they know that their hoe cheatin'
showin' out in front of they homies sayin' they leavin'
but, homie, that was never my lady so you can keep her
she was just a freak who'd do anything for a t-shirt
cheerleader, shoulda stayed up in the bleachers
they should put ya kid up in the paper, give me the feature.."

IamSu! - Two Eleven
(From Youtube/special Karmaloop edition of KILT mixtape (lol); 2012)

Man, trying to find some good new Rap recently has been akin to Holmes' own search for Irene Adler, so props to IamSu! for coming through in my time of need, and props to him for putting whatever the hell the short movie part of this video is after Two Eleven has finished so I don't have to sit through a 3 minute intro of awkward acting which makes Dr Dre's performance in Training Day look like James Mason in Odd Man Out.


bob said...

there's another song after the first one finishes over an old rappin' 4-tay beat too

Richard Tre Mane said...

Ohhhh, yeah - Never Talk Down.

In related new Rap news, I'm not really feeling this new Young Dro 'tape so far.

James said...

LOL I forgot he was in Training Day. All I remember is him threatening to "pop a cap" in Ethan Hawke.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Damn, son - I just learned the Karmaloop deluxe version of KILT this comes from is a couple of months old.

The search continues for something new I like continues :(