Monday, 3 October 2011

"What, you think I got a pterodactyl in my closet?"

Fat Lace is on the cusp of reawakening from its summer slumber, so to get you limbered up for posts which exist solely for us to make an Ivan Camp Lo pun here's the classic Terry & Loon piece from issue # 5 in 2000 where T-La Rock interviewed Kool Keith. Topics addressed include Keith's distaste for everything about N.Y.C from the trendy rappers to the women, why he prefers living on the west coast, his buying of No Limit albums before Master P blew up, "homo-assed music", black ppl losing their sense of funk and having spaghetti thrown on his head :


done said...

Oh man, this is class. I could easily listen to hours of Kieth just talking.

Is any of his post-Sex Style stuff worth checking? I've only heard the Analog Brothers album, which was a bit too Deltron for my taste.

The Great Gats, B said...

The Dr Dooom album has its moments, but after that I lost interest.