Sunday, 9 October 2011

Martorialist exclusive : Z-Ro's new CD cover

Z-Ro - Barre Kelly freestyle edit (2010)

Here at The Martorialist our asses might be lily white, but we wear a red bandana, our cups overfloweth with purple, we've been known to throw on Johnny Cash outfits to Big L & Plies and we've got Maynholup turning green with envy right now because we can exclusively reveal that after pseudonyms like 'Rother Vandross & 'Ro Hammad Ali and albums such as Crack, Cocaine, Heroin, Meth & the upcoming Angel Dust, Z-Ro will be dipping his toe into the ocean of classic literature for his first release of 2012 :

The rapper who'll surely adopt the moniker of Henny 'Rollins for a Blue Flag mixtape at some point in his career informs us that he has a further 3 CD narcotic-themed trilogy called Nurofen, Lemsip and St. John's Wort planned for 2012, but once he's exhausted the whole name-an-album-after-a-drug gimmick then he plans on mining literary history for aliases and album titles, with 'Roahl Dahl AKA The Big Friendly Gangsta and Ha 'Ro And The Stories At S.U.C both on deck, done and shrink-wrapped already for 2013. That's Buck Rogers years away in Rap terms so let's come around the corner so slow in a Lincoln fou' doo' with tonz 'o' rap/literature punz in the meantime :
The Diary Of Anne Frank N Dank
B.G. Wells
Crime And Big Punishment
Jay Dee Salinger
Kashmir In The Rye
Herman Melle Melville
Easy Moe Bee Dick
Volume 3... Life And Times Of S. Sartre
Pillgrim's Progress
The Brothers MF Grimm
Creepin' On Ah Camus
Agallah Christie
Straight Outta I. Burnett Compton
The Dayz Of Hemmingwayback
Memphis Bleek House
The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickatina
The Mystery Of Edwin Dru-Down
Huckleberry Finesse & Synquis
Superlover Cee & Casanova Rudyard Kipling
Girls I Got 'Em Sherlocked


step one said...

post makes me wish Fat Lace was still in print. Any chance of you scanning some more old issues ?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Already got more Fat Lace scans planned, man.

done said...

Wonderful World of Ulysses-a-lio
Life Of Py Nitti
The Mixtape of Dro-N LA
Beats By The Ezra Pound
W.C. Yeats
Kurious Jorg Orwell

rly rly rly looking forward to those Fat lace scans bruh.

done said...

War And P.E.A.C.E.

brad said...

JRR Writer

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The Chronicles Of Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be from Canada?!!

Mr Bozack said...

Joyce Da 5'9
Dead Souls Of Mischief
Freddie Fantastic Mr Foxxx
Will I Self Devine
Anna KarenIllNaNa

Thomas said...

This post makes it clear to me how much more well read you and your readers are than me.

2SHIN said...

Killer Camus
Ernest HemingSway
Haruki Muracam'ron
Joseph Hell Reller

..........I'll get me coat.

MC Sex said...

Teflon Don Quixote
To Kill A Mockingbirdman
Old Man and the Sigel
Straight Out Upton Sinclair's The Jungle
Charlotte's Webbie
Juicy James Joyce
Machiavelli's The Prince Paul

Drew Huge said...

The Brothers Karamazov Gonna Work It Out
The Fifth Woman: An Inspector Wallychamp Novel
The Sound of the Third Policeman
Bloods Versus Cryptonomicon
The Siege of Krishnapur Righteous Teachers
No Country for Old Menelik
All the Pretty Toney Horses
The Girl with the Drag-On Tattoo
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering GZA
The G.O.D. Pt. 3 Delusion
Life and Fatal Hussein
The Sound and the Furious Five
And Quiet Flows the Don Diezzel and the Governor

MC Sex said...

Brought the topic up with some friends and came up with more:
Swisha Family Robinson
Gone with the RZA
Oliver Twista
G-Side and Prejudice
Slaughterhouse 5th Ward Boys
As I Lay Do or Dying
The Ice Cube Cometh
Death of a Gucci Mane
The Importance of Being Eazy E
Mutiny on the Bun B

Anonymous said...

The Incredible Lyteness of MCing
Scarlett and Black Thought
The Lovely Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Premier Levi
The Master of BallanTrae the Truth
Black Moon Palace
The Book Thief's Theme
The Metamorphonte
Zorba the Sheek Louch
This way for the gas-face, ladies and gentleman,