Monday, 10 October 2011

Also from issue # 5 of Fat Lace

White like Paul Bearer but not the one from Sheer Terror, it's the girlfriend's Speedo costume wearer and the Fat Lace scans sharer with the legendary Cover Me Badd piece for the Tumblr era :

Stay tuned for the imminent Fat Lace site relaunch when the entire crew form like the Sun, Moon & Stars to recreate the posse pic from the back cover of Hard To Earn. We would go live tonight but Dom grew a handlebar moustache to play the position of Big Shug and then started hittin' dudes with a sledgehammer due to his fantasisies of livin' life like Triple H circa 2005/2006 taking hold :


James said...


Dommy P said...

It's actually the 1995 look, I'm gonna be rocking the Seinfeld puffy shirt with a gay stripper waistcoat over the top of it, complete with Croydon ponytail.

The Great Gats, B said...

And the white gloves, yo.

Matthew said...

So classic.

If you revisit the concept, may I suggest remaking "Shorty the Pimp"? The cross-dressing in your version of "Power" was a definite highlight.

Note: I'd be willing to settle for a remake of "Rhyme Pays".

The Great Gats, B said...

Shorty The Pimp is a great call.