Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Frankie Valli VS. Young Bleed

Young Bleed - Walk Like Uh Husala
(From Preserved; 2011)

AKA one of the few songs on Preserved that lives up to the promise of Stamp On It and Holla At Uh Dog. The highlight of Walk Like Uh Husala is obviously the "ding dong, mawfucker!" ad-lib, but I'm also feeling the 2nd verse where Bleed employs a schlepping slow flow to recreate the leaned shoulder, leg-dragging strut known from Baton Rogue to Barnsley as the Gangsta Limp. Get your own G-Strut on to that or the 17 second long intro to Frankie's Walk Like A Man and you'll see what I mean, just make sure there's nobody 'arder than you around when you're doing it or you might get tested for your manhood by a Fordham Baldie or some rude bwoy in one of those highly effeminate tiny backpacks the U.K chapter of the International Man Dem Crew are currently fond of.


David said...

man i thought this was a dope record. certainly his best since 'my own'

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Agree about it being his best since My Own, but I was only really feeling those 3 songs, Boot Up and Call The Police.

There's other songs I like on there, but they have hooks which bug me for varying reasons. Specifically thinking of How Ya Do Dat Again and Hurt Nobody.

sisilafami said...

Once Upon a Time in Amedica >