Monday, 7 February 2011

Race relations

Before I retire to bed every evening I pray for a Jackie Chain & Bun B collaboration or picture on the morrow so that I can ask Jackie the same question I asked Bobby Hundreds on here back in 2008 : you not familiar with the early UGK hit Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride, doggie?

"Bust a nut on their stomach
wash my dick in the sink
then buy a 40 at the store from the godamn chink"

UGK - Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride O.G version (1988)

In lieu of that, we'll have to ask this AZN streetwear dude chumming it up with Bun AKA MC UGK (™ Thun) in Canada from that Stüssy Keep It Trill video on Hypebeast today instead :


James said...


Never knew UGK were making music back in 1988.

Anonymous said...

G-Mane quoted this line at the end of his verse on G-Side's "Pictures," which was awkward for all the people who haven't listened to "Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride" recently.