Monday, 21 February 2011

Duff McKeakgan

The only positive events to come out of Kubrick's utterly trite 2001 : A Space Odyssey are Ric Flair's entrance music and John Carpenter making his semi-riposte Dark Star as his vision of what a movie about astronauts drifting through deep space who have to face an artificial intelligence with a God complex should be.

The Rah Band - Messages From The Stars (1983)

It's about time someone sampled this 80s synth-pop classic by The Rah Band (mostly famous for their 1985 hit Clouds Across The Moon) since its 70s Japanese sci-fi anime theme swag is impeccable, with those euphoric synths also being prime fodder for rap songs which can make you feel like you're getting blowjobs in various fantasy settings from mythical not-quite-human females, and the song is almost Nautilus-esque in how rich it is in numerous sections ripe for usage, so if you see DJ Fresh in the streets, soldier, then salute him for not only using it but for also identifying its two best passages which he's interwoven together on the third best song on his latest installment of the Tonite Show series with Keak :

Keak Da Sneak & DJ Fresh - Messages From The Stars (2011)

I've gotta confess that none of the new songs on the 'tape are quite floating my boat like the previously leaked Maxi Pads and Favorite Rappa did last year, but unless Akinyele drops something out of the blue on wednesday then this is my joint of the week right here, and it's a paragon of that "gettin' your dick sucked from the back on the teleportation pad"-rap which the Bay does better than anybody else right now. This has a Thizzed out feel to it with the whole blissful synthesized fuzziness and when that staccato rhythm bit kicks in it actually echoes what I've always imagined Keak's rapid-fire flow at its most Ernest Borgnine-ian would sound like if it were processed through my old Amstrad CPC 464's sound card.


Boothe said...


was that dude attacked by a giant strawberry?

where the hell was trailer voice guy? on sick leave? dude doing the voiceover was wack.

funny ass trailer.

i love 2001...triteness and all.

misterjay said...

thank you for providing me with the rah band's messages from the stars. dj fresh knows what hes doin. sleepy d's tonite show is also really good, especially if you're into murder raps.
what ever happened to ike dola? i feel like hes the original oaktown rapper with the d-lo/db/sleepy d voice.
also, check out this joke i just came up with:
"dolf mcgeekin"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Jon Bon Juve'.

Boothe - I refuse to listen to any opinion about Dark Star which doesn't conclude with agreement that it's the best sci-fi picture of the 70s.

step one said...

i need to hear this. I only discovered Messages For The Stars last summer when I heard a new Atjazz remix - not my usual thing but in the context of girls in bikinis dancing to it on a beach in Croatia it makes sense.
so, yeah.

James said...

"Mob Life" off the Keak is pretty good too.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Fully agree on both comments.

Boothe said...

I'm experimenting with a recorded version of my blog, and I would love to engage you in conversation sometime in the future. If you're interested and are equipped with the Skype, let me know.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I appreciate the offer, but I don't have Skype and I loathe the sound of my recorded voice so I'll have to decline.

Boothe said...

No worries.

I hear you regarding the voice thing. I did a few test recordings, and I hated hearing myself. Makes me wonder how my friends put up with any sort of conversation with me.