Friday, 4 February 2011

Calm down, calm down

AZ - The Calm (2010)

My favourite cut from that Doe Or Die 15th Anniversary affair displaying AZ at his cerebral and dense best finally gets a video where Anthony sports a ushanka and a white mink in the snow. You know, I wouldn't say no to a clip for the sumptuous Nothing Move either now that Anthony has got the alledgedly minted Taysha Valez breezy he's engaged to bankrolling him. It's like a reverse rap-version of Mel Gibson going broke ploughing all of his loot into Oksana Grigorieva's musical career, right?

Despite what I may have predicted to the contrary about the Doe Or Die 15th Anniversary project, I've somehow found space in my cold heart for the Gimme Yours 2010, Rather Unique 2010, and Your World Don't Stop 2010 remixes since I can enjoy them as wholly divergent entities to the originals. In fact, with the intro and 4 new cuts, the whole CD jams up until the dying seconds of I'm Ill. After that I Feel 4 U 2010 is an absolute travesty and the live medley + Make Believe bonus cut are as superfluous as you'd expect them to be, so I got my man Sha Deezy to rip the acapella from the album's viral commercial off Youtube to use as my own valediction for the slimmed-down version of the album on my MP3 player :

AZ - Doe Or Die 15th Anniversary commercial acapella (2010)

Step - you wanna chop this shit down to just the acapella before the Gimme Yours 2010 remix comes in so we can all use this as AZ doing-a-Cormega-with-a-token-album-acapella? (*Edit - added*.)

Also, is it possible for any reader of this blog to travel back in time to make sure Premier gives the Project Boy instrumental to AZ instead of the entirely unsuitable Joell Ortiz? If that's a task not quite scientifically possible yet, could we make sure that at least 1 of the 2 good beats Primo is now capable of per annum goes to AZ from now on? Still a task too difficult to realistically excute? Aiight, maybe AZ could just use some of Taysha Valez's loot to pay some Brooklyn goons to assassinate Termanology's microscopic ass to stop him gaffling all the good Primo and Statik Selektah production then?


step one said...

Just sent the AZ acapella thing over man.Is it really necessary for him to put '2010' after every song title?!
I'll have a dig trough my acapellas and see what I can hook up to that Project Boy beat. Im a massive Primo fan but not really into Ortiz at all. I was for about a week when Bodega Chronicles dropped but all those 90s cover versions and that weird voice arent doing it.
oh,its probably been said before but AZ & Mega need to do an album together

Thun said...

Yeah, I definitely thought you jumped the gun on the 15th Year Reissueversary or whatever. The redone joints sound perfectly like modernized versions - not equaling the originals but hardly shitting ont heir legacy, and easily enjoyable unto themselves. Glad you saw the light.

Steady Bloggin' said...

mad props for knowing the proper hat terminology, although i shouldn't expect any different from you i guess

done said...

that white cornbag on premier's label needs to get got too, thats affirmative action gone way way wrong.

speaking of which, i was hesitant initially cos i thought your cosign mighta been being ironic (plus that very imaginiative name) but i got lil wytes album recently and he actually has some tunes. i was surprised to say the least.

and ghetty green too, which fuckin BANGS . wonder if its even possible to be 100% familiar with three 6's catalogue? i feel like iv been workin my way through it for eons and im still not even close. that theyr so extra prolific even when one of em works without a very important extremity ala def leppard astonishes me.

The Great Gats, B said...

Cheers, Step.

Thun, I think him going back and rerecording the vocals to fit the new beats helped the remixes tremendously as they don't sound offbeat or too square-peg-in-a-round-hole as a lot of remixes of classic shit can do.

S.B, as a child of the Rocky 4 generation, I not only know the proper hat terminology for a Ushanka but I own one too.

Is that the pilgrim with the beard, Done? Yeah, fuck him. Ghetty Green is probably my fav' Hypnotize Minds related album and close to a masterpiece. Besides the songs I've already posted about from Phinally Phamous on here, it's all about I Sho Will and My Cutlass.

done said...

im gonna assume you dont include prophet posse era, cos mystic styles>>>>>>>>

The Great Gats, B said...

Prefer it slightly to Mystic Styles.