Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ran outta ammo and started throwin' Black Rob RAR files

Five people in the comments Da streetz asked for a Black Rob compilation after I'd posted a few mixtape joints of his recently, so I've whipped and then zipped one up per request. B.R's actually one of the easiest currently active old-man NY rapper to assemble an anthology for since he's relatively slept-on beyond his Bad Boy singles, his catalogue stretches way back to 1991 when he recorded a demo with - of all people! - Automator, and he's still knocking out a few good joints nowadays, though that floppy monkey hat he's wearing on-stage in his latest viral-video Ventilation is one seriously suspect piece of headwear which even Theophilus London would balk at and be like "nah, son". Dru-Ha ain't employ a stylist at Duck Down?

There didn't seem any point in including any of his main singles for Bad Boy such as I Dare You, Whoa, Espacio with Lil' Kim & G. Dep, Star In The Hood, and Ready since this is a primer for people who're only familiar with Banco Popular via those singles in the first place. Consider this collection a Black Rob sandwich which uses 1991's The Smoothness as the top slice of bread, Up North from last year as the bottom slice, and 28 personal favourites which range from guest appearances, album cuts, mixtape joints and unreleased gems as the filling. Everybody gotta eat, yo, so tuck in:

Black Rob - Banco Popular's Dirty 30

1. The Smoothness
2. Nuthin' But (with Cru)
3. Make It Hot
4. 24 Hours To Live (with Ma$e, The Lox & DMX)
5. I Love You, Baby (with Puffy)
6. The Heist
7. One Way (with G. Dep)
8. Life Story (with Cheryl Pepsi Riley)
9. Can I Live? (with The Lox)
10. Thug Story
11. B.R (with G. Dep)
12. Let's Get It (with G. Dep & Puffy)
13. Business Never Personal
14. Permanent Scars AKA Live From The Eastside
15. Godfather (with Puffy & G. Dep)
16. Time 2 Ride AKA They Heard I Got Life O.G version
17. Questions And Answers
18. Broken Bottles (with Aasim & Wise G)
19. Y'All Know Who Killed Him
20. You Know What
21. Smile In Ya Face
22. Help Me Out
23. Jeans And Sneakers (with Notorious B.I.G)
24. Knock 'Em Out
25. High In The Clouds (with O.D.B)
26. New York
27. Live At The Bar-BBQ 2007 (with D-Dot, Notorious B.I.G, Ness & Aasim)
28. Big Guns
29. No Fear
30. Up North


Feel free to use this as a soundtrack the next time you shoplift a scandalously priced can of liquid elastoplast from your local chemist/supermarket, safe in the knowledge that a kleptomaniac like Black Rob would approve. Just don't hold your breath for me to hook up a Loon's greatest hits or a Best Of Mark Curry next, though.


mr big dick said...

we hungry n u feedin us boy arf arf

2SHIN said...

I really hope I'm the first person to comment to be like:


ExCon said...


"New York" is my shit!!!! Just fresh out from my bid back in October rolled thru Harlem bumpin that shit on the real the best music always reflect my life like that. Black Rob is one of the realest.

hl said...

Nice. Been meaning to check out Black Rob's catalog. I've been hearing good things.

done said...

cheers , look forward to hearin it

Dan Greenpeace said...

it's on my stolen ipod son, heavy rotation

The Great Gats, B said...

Always trife.

James said...


Appreciate this.

Mr Bozack said...

Nice one.

P said...


BHM said...

I'm late on this, can we get a re-up!!

Richard Tre Mane said...

The link still works. Mediafire is just down for maintenance work currently.

Anonymous said...

cab u reup homie im late on dis peace !

Richard Tre Mane said...

Re-upped! Link is working again.

Anonymous said...

thanks my nig! now need a g dep tape to go with .. peace

Anonymous said...

Re up again please. Good looks.

Si Mane Price said...

Done. Check the download link in the post.

Anonymous said...

think you could reup this link again please?

Si Mane Price said...

Yeah I'll do it later when I'm home.

Si Mane Price said...


BR fan said...

Oh my god! this is exactly what I've been looking for (and more), I've been trying to compile these joints but couldn't find most of them! I know you did a few times already but please, if you could re-up this it would be amazing. Thanks.

Si Mane Price said...

Re-upped, click the link.

BR fan said...

man, you don't know how happy I am! thanks a lot. it would be amazing if you did a similar compilation for G Dep.

Si Mane Price said...

G-Dep only has about 7 or 8 good songs altogether so there's not enough to make a compilation.

DJ Filthy Rich said...

Great work compiling all these tracks! Would you mind re-upping the link? It'd be much appreciated

Si Mane Price said...

I'll do it when I get home later.

Si Mane Price said...

Re-upped, click the link.

DJ Filthy Rich said...

Thanks for the re-up! Appreciate it.
Quick question...do you have the original version of 'Long Live Black Rob'? I heard there was a version that they had to change due to sample clearances...

Si Mane Price said...

I don't.