Wednesday, 18 October 2017

You can't see me like Charlie Angel's boss

Redman - Can't Wait (Remix #2)
(From Dat Undaground Shit!!!! promo EP; 1995)

As featured in ya host's recent 60 songs Westwood put me onto post. Like Spunk Bigga's remix of AZ's Your World Don't Stop, this one is a "remix" which is actually the original version and is #actually superior to the official LP version. Your guess is as good as mine why Reggie Red & Erick Sermon felt the need to mess up Tonight's Da Night part two by adding a bunch of doo-dads and turning it into some stodgy boom-bap.


d said...

This is so much better, maybe they were extorting for the sample 2nd go round? I think why Redman never clicked w me properly is his peak n Sermons sludge rap nadir coinciding. He needed more shit like this, esp on Dare.

Its possible he did the beats hes credited as I suppose but Im chalking that one up to Sermon throwing someone whos took a lot of acid a bone.

Si Mane Price said...

Album version is only notable for Redman doing a proto-Jimmy Two Times thing at the end of the song.

L.A said...

defo better than the album one

GGGGG said...

That sample ftw