Wednesday 11 October 2017

Ante Down

"Look, you know whassup, it's finna go down
We both got a pistol, you better bust, this ain't no showdown
Don't even try it, I got somethin' to shut the show down
After I shot ya, whole block looked like a ghost town"

OMB Peezy & Cardo Got Wings - Go Down
(From Humble Beginnings EP; 2017)

The Overkill name stays the same, but Go Down is a whole different interpretation of Feel The Fire. This one redeems Peezy's Chinese Jordan YFN Lucci-isms elsewhere on his EP with Cardo - you're from Alabama not Atlanta, m8.

Ain't gon' lie, though - it bugs the Hell outta me that Peezy repeats lines in a row on both his verses here. Jimmy Spicer didn't rap for nearly 14 minutes on Adventures Of Super Rhyme so these lazy modern day rappers could play Jimmy Two Times on songs that are south of the 3 minute mark.


Anonymous said...

was a little bit disappointed in the tape considering the raw materials and i prefer the slimmy b tape that dropped the same day. reckon a peezy tape with trel itz a hit beats would be much better.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I only like 2 songs on it. But I guess it's a stop-gap release, and hopefully, he's gotten his ill-advised Auto-Tune record out of his system on it.

Ray Garraty said...

this tape is lame

Anonymous said...

What other song on here did you like?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The one with Yhung T.O was the other one which I liked on my first few plays. Not felt any desire to play it since, mind.

Habibi said...

Love You Back is my joint on this tape, Cardo's production is absolutely epic and gorgeous and Peezy spins a good morality/cautionary tale, although with a late third-verse repetition of the likes you complained about above. I dunno, I like Peezy, was not feeling the record with TO tho.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I don't wanna hear no Atlanta influence in Peezy's music.

No Auto-Tune either!

jarf said...

been feelin this one, the joint with Yhung T.O. and "Fast Life." strongly agree on the atl influence. would be interested to hear more from him and the sob x rbe guys together..