Saturday 21 October 2017

No Kool G. Rap & Nas

Lor Choc - Fast Life
(From Fast Life single; 2017)

Once ya host got past the initial shock that Lor Choc is quite literally a pre-teen lesbian Boosie, Fast Life's charms became undeniable and I was like "me thrice!" Between this and With My Team by Creek Boyz, it seems like Maryland is puttin' its own twist on Chicago Bop right about now; Baltimore's come a looooooooooonnnng way from da streetz going about their business to deep cuts by Cage and J-Live in The Wire's first season.

Added this and Brick Body Complex by Open Mike Eagle to my 2017 jams playlist innit.


step one said...

The whole thing with the Baltimore Club genre being partly inspired by early 90s Shut Up & Dance 12"s outta Hackney still amazes me.
Fully enjoyed Stringer Bell's dismissal of DC go-go music in The Wire too as it is a bit rubbish.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Sux that Mike Zoot couldn't have gotten a cheque from The Wire too.

GGGGG said...

This + the Creek Boyz are fire

Habibi said...

this song is so fucking beautiful. great find.