Monday 15 May 2017

Late pass!

Thanx to the #BetYouWontChallenge, a previously little-known Level & Mouse On Tha Track cut from 2015 is currently one of the biggest songs in Baton Rouge. Good thing the song's gotten a new lease of life too because this one is a grand imperial jiggalator in the vein of Get It Back and we've all slept on it until now:

Level ft. Mouse On Tha Track - I Bet U Won't
(From Level's Authentic album; 2015/YouTube; 2017)

Level & Mouse did Ya Boy Big Choo dirty by featuring that biter Peter Pan Dan up in this video. Surprised Dan's even got time to appear in rap videos these days now he's a rising star on Arsenal FanTV, tbqh.

#WengerOut #PulisIn


Unknown said...

This songs pretty jammin. I wonder when Mouse is gonna drop somethin new I never got a chance to check out his last mixtape is it any good?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

No Commercials? Not as good as Millionaire Dreamzzz or Air Time.

Anonymous said...

Famous Amos

icebergsweater said...

Gatdamn this shit snaps

"See Mouse drop the track that'll make ya bounce it back"