Saturday 4 March 2017

Breaking news: WNC officially #TeamKevinGates

"And I'll still f*ck even if we was cousins"

WNC Whop Bezzy & 70th Street Carlos - Retarded N Dumb
(From t'internet; 2017)

Quite into the idea that WNC's songs with Trel Itz A Hit on the track are Louisiana's modern equivalent of Just-Ice's first LP with Mantronix on the beat in 1986: the tone is retro-futurism, the production is stark and savage, retardation & dumbness are lifestyle choices rather than birth defects, and the artwork looks like it's straight outta Skeme's blackbook in Style Wars. Even their respective goldfronts look like some cheap rhodium grillz off eBay that'll cause Gingivitis within 3 hours.

Don't believe me then peep my playlist of 70th Street Carlos songs produced by Trel Itz A Hit, essentially the closest 2016 rap came to Just-Ice's Back To The Old School album. True story like OMB Peezy.


Anonymous said...

H.G Wells a pioneer

Yeldarb said...

Cold gettin dumb is one f the best songs ever