Wednesday, 8 March 2017

See these ice cubes? See these Ice Cream Mans?

Iconic moment from Dru Down's Pimp Of The Year video. Don't even front like all of Dru's 4 get-ups in that promo aren't legitimate 5/5 rap video outfits.


Anonymous said...

Dru Down wore Jordan 11s better than anyone

Roman said...

Still the working man's P:

Si Mane Price said...

I came across that the other day too. The part where he's insulting the unimpressed Armenian bloke is the highlight.

SE said...

Speaking on sartorial Dru Down, how u likin his song about 501s?

turd butt said...

so first i got worried thinking dru was wearing a strange music chain

but it's actually the regime chain

except there's still a tech n9ne connection?

which brings me to this:

so like, what the fuck, the UFO lizardpeople behind this too? also, anyone else notice dru was like going steady with that one girl for years? all up in the conjugal visits, all up in the videos? kinda think she was the one pimping him

which is fine

Si Mane Price said...

Maybe he was just in lurve?

Tech 9ne had his claws into Young Devi D before D violated parole and got sent back to prison.

I wish I liked My 501's more than I do. I also wish Dru didn't make them look so dad-jeans in the video.

Si Mane Price said...

This is still the best Dru Down-related thing in 2017.