Wednesday 22 March 2017

Make Bounce Great Again!

Team Toon ft. Ya Boy Big Choo - My Hot Girl
(From t'internet; 2016)

More 2016 Bounce & Bullshit in the vein of Club Luv. Late pass discovery on ya host's part, but timing is everything because the song's currently very useful as a stop-gap until Big Choo drops his remake of Dolamite's Hustlas.

BTW, uploaded the Dolamite song to Audiomack a few week back then forgot to post it here. Only Sade could provide the spine of a New Orleans club classic that's the missing link between Lil' Slim and Bone Thugz-N-Harmony. If this shit rings any biddells it's probably because Lil B also jacked it back in 2010.

Dolamite - Hustlas
(From 3rd Ward On My Mind EP; 1995)


Anonymous said...

So many wards

John Titor said...

I put Lil' B onto that song in 2007.