Monday 26 December 2016

Tevas Scared (Slight Return)

"Bitch, there's consequences if you touch me
Bitch, there's consequences if you love me"

Whop Whop Bezzy - Consequences
(From G.R.E.G mixtape; 2016)

Still contend that Consequences wasn't as good as its teaser video suggested, but I suppose there's no shame in not living up to the best in-studio snippet video of 2016. In a cruel and senseless year, be thankful that the universe gently nudged Whop & Carlos into the arms of their soulmate producer.

Where's the GQ article about Whop wearin' Adidas kicks & Tevas sandals at the Same Damn Time in the Consequences video, though? Four Pins died for your tardiness, not mine.

Bitch, there's consequences for breakin' Brand Harmony protocol.

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GGGGGG said...

Worst sweatpants ever