Saturday, 17 December 2016

Martorial elegance # 89

Wanna rock an Xmas sweater to the pub but don't fancy gettin' ostracized by your famalam for lookin' like a Charlie Chester? Never fear because Kap LaGerfeld just got seasonal on datarzz and dropped a Girlfriend Christmas knit that your whole bloodline can wear. Call him Hedi, he's the slim mane.

Still waitin' on the the English-launguage remix of J. Balvin's Reggaeton hit Safari which Kap was teasin' on Instagram with Pharrell a while back. Keys opened doors for them twin brothers who only ever sounded good drippin' nonchalance over Neptunes beats to hop on a Justin Timberlake single, and being Lil' Skateboard P's Latino-rapper mate has unlocked a whole 'nother world of opportunity for the College Park Mexican.

Y'know what song Kap G really needs to jack, though? Gato by No Panty. How's Ray Barretto's El Watusi gotten the tumbleweed & cow dung treatment from rap producers until now when the song was featured in that ol' hip hop touchstone Carlito's Way?


FL said...

Speaking of Carlito's Way, have you seen the new doc on De Palma, blud?

Si Mane Price said...

I haven't but the trailer looks interesting. Is it good?

FL said...

Nope, it wasn't screened anywhere near me. Heard good things, though. Worth a rent when it hits home formats next month.

Si Mane Price said...

If they don't spend at least 20 minutes talkin' about John Cassavetes exploding in The Fury then the documentary is a failure, imho.

Dissensus Truther said...

Grimey Simey put Girlfriend in his 2016 list lololol

Si Mane Price said...

Is nowt safe?

If Paul Lester rides for Pop A Perc, I'm callin' in the Russians.