Monday, 19 December 2016

Generic list post: Martorialist playlists of 2016

Can I jump back and kiss myself one last time in 2016? Here's all the playlists ya host put together or kept rollin' this year in one handy post. Make the most of them now before the inevitable Audiomack implosion melts 'em all into the cachemosphere.

AZ - Deep Cuts
Jackie Chain - The Best of Mr. V.I.P
Kap G - The Best of Kap G
Grand Puba - Deep Cuts
G. Dep - The Best of G. Dep
Fam-Lay - The Best of Fam-Lay
Akinyele - Deep Cuts
A-Mafia - The Best of A-Mafia
70th Street Carlos - Mr. Bang Bang Out EP
Various Artists - Rap Songs That Aren't On YouTube
Spice - The Best of Spice 2014 - 2016

Bad-Cop just uploaded a zipfile of the CDQ MP3 of How and 3 other unreleased pre-Bad Boy G. Dep tracks from 1996. I replaced the mixed version of How in my Best of The Deputy playlist with the CDQ version and also added Blak N*gga and Automatic from the zipfile. Throw ya hands in the freakin' air and keep 'em there.


Ruben said...


David said...

your best of spice mix is not downloadable

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I know. That's why it has so many plays.

L.A said...

The AZ playlist is incredible