Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Wanted dead or alive: ID a sample

"..And free Gzus all he wanted was Top"

Mic Terror - I Don't Call The Cops
(From Soundcloud; 2016)

Every generation of bent bizzies gets the 911 Is A Joke they deserve. Anyone know where the loop on the best Mic Terror track since N.W.G comes from? Something as other-worldly as this sample sounds like Bernard Herrmann composed the score for an Orson Welles movie adaption of Hansel & Gretel, which means it'll probably transpire to be 10 seconds of unexpected celestial joy on a Daniel O'Donnell Xmas single.

Bellow @ a fellow if you can help. If not, you should go download my 2nd recent jams of 2016 compilation from May which included this very song.


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Weasel said...

Mrs Merton did a song with Daniel o'Donnell? Lmfao.