Saturday 16 July 2016

Rap songs that aren't on YouTube but really should be # 17

"Might post her on the street 'cause I'm colder than Polish feet
You can you say you sorta like The Jack' but you know you weak
You.. couldn't move like me in ya deepest sleep"

The Jacka - Rule The World
(From AP.9 Presents: The Mob Movement compilation; 2007)

Short & not-so-sweet Jacka deep cut from the same AP.9 compilation Aspen originally appeared on. In a perfect world where rappers don't leave key songs off their own albums, Rule The World woulda been the regal intro track on Tear Gas with Aspen following it as the opening song proper.

BTW, Russian Ray just turnt my 2010 - 2015 NorCal Slap Files playlist into a RAR file. I'm not a rap blogga, I just post everything I like; Ray be right with me, zippin' up everything I write. It's the life, it's not a fairytale; she got a narrow tail like Natalie Gal.


sisilafami said...

it's on youtube now :

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