Monday, 4 July 2016


Shift K3Y - The Underground
(From his upcoming Thru The Nit3 album; 2016)

Talk about a bassline for the waistline. Shift K3Y is really out chea overcharging the industry for what they did to Artful Dodger and Dane Bowers. Time to pay the (pied) piper.

r|t|c >>>>>>>>> R.T.J.


noz said...

look what the motherfucking rap game has done to us

Dank said...

His other new track "Like This" bangs too

step one said...

was fully onboard with UKG until the MCs took over and it all went a bit 50% off at JD Sports. Might have to pull a few bits out for next months mix.

Anonymous said...

This guy.

David said...

r|t|c is teh goat

David said...

bring back spizzazzz blog