Friday 6 May 2016

Every team needs a Foxx in the box

"The po-lice say I got a warrant
I'm so tired of wearin' orange
On my momma, I ain't goin'
Doin' time, it be borin'
Fuck them people, bitch, I'm tourin'
I'm out chea gettin' money each and every day
*I'm out chea each and every day, mannnnneee*"

Foxx - Too Old
(From Realionaire album; 2016)

It's like Foxx heard Smile To Keep From Crying and said to himself "what, y'all forgot I was TRILL's king of the short & (bitter)sweet Baton Rouge blues when Boosie was in Angola? Allow me to re-introduce Lightin' Foxxkins..."


d said...

Beat on this is also better than Boosies new ones. Man his flow on this blindsided me.

where did calling police "them people" as slang for police come from? its p weird, Louisiana has all these wee quirks like making RIP t-shirts a threat and heroin. So much heroin. both Soulja Slim and BG have said they quit and were still doing it on one album.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Can't wait til Yanks start referring to police as "the bizzies", personally.

Unknown said...

Foxx does depressing emo rap way better than anything Kevin Gates has done more recently.

hotbox said...

wasn't feeling reallionaire when it first dropped but you're right this song goes. Maybe need to revisit this tape