Sunday 8 May 2016

Ernest Miller back!

"I got a bad bitch, but I f*ck other hoes
She probably f*ckin' n*ggas, you know how the game goes"

Yung Cat - You Ah Bitch
(From YouTube; 2016)

Literal slap, discovered via A-Wax's Instagram. You Ah Bitch might be the only good thing that'll ever emerge from this unfortunate Kansas City versus Joe Blow beef which Yung Cat is tryin' to spearhead, A-Wax is tryin' to stoke, and Mozzy is tryin' to squash.

A-Wax slyly biggin' up some K.C Husalahcore slap because he doesn't approve of a fellow Blood like Mozzy recording songs with Husalah is too confusing a paradox for the human brain to comprehend - especially when the rapper who recorded the aforementioned Kansas City Husalahcore slap is on video tellin' K.C rappers to stop jockin' Oakland rappers.

To complicate matters further, Yung Cat has a song with Joe Blow from 2014, and Joe Blow's new single with the line about him runnin' K.C which caused the whole kerfuffle was recorded back in 2013 according to the last bars of the first verse. The only straightforward thing about this whole mess is that Yung Cat really does look half man/half moggy.


Amor de Rey said...

I think Killa City is one of the most inspired things Mozzy has produced in a while. It lives up to what he's capable of as a writer (it also helps that this is a Kacey Khaliel joint as opposed to JuneOnnaBeat). For reference, this is the screen shot of the DM he's apologizing for about 1 minute in.

Somewhat surprising that Lavish D managed to find his way into this from behind bars (sequestered on an 8th floor wing reserved for gang-leaders where he's only allowed 30 minutes of free-time a day, none the less).

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

A-Wax posted a video which now seems to be deleted of a joint by Lavish's weed carrier Money Man Thola which sounded nuts.

I'm gonna assume you know the video I'm referring to? (It was the "Bitch we got them Glizzys on us" caption with the sports car pullin' outta the parking lot). I'm also gonna assume you know when Thola's I Just Caught Another Body album drops? (There's 3 tracks on YouTube, but not the one from the video.)

Amor de Rey said...

Didn't catch that, but I don't keep up with Thola anyway. On that side of things (Starz) I'm waiting on Lavish D, himself, to come home. His little brother, Prince Dreda, is making the best music of his career, however, it's essentially Lavish D admiration.

Getting off topic, but alongside Mozzy's ascension, that Sacramento scene really got curtailed with the incarceration of Snubbz, D-Staxx, and Lavish D.

Unknown said...

That Mozzy and Husalah Try Me is slap at its finest.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Who got that Thola album release date for ya boy?

d said...

How does A-Waxs recent Roblo dry snitching accusations weave into this tapestry?

lol A-Wax

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I missed that. Details plz.

d said...

They all live in this tiny city tryna earn a pound note. like its mad a couple of my fav rappers and prob my number 1 fav rapper for a few yrs are from somewhere only twice the size of where Im from

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The Mob Finglas.

Thanx. Social media has truly been a blessing for A-Wax's beef with the Mob.

Trill ENT Young Miscavage said...

Shout out to all the rappers out there shooting music videos in their friends' backyard decks.