Tuesday 21 October 2014

Thank You, Summer Baysed God

Been curious to hear Puffy Dee's Joe Blow ever since Aaron Fuchs told Robbie Unkut it was his favourite deep cut in the Tuff City catalogue and offered up the alluring nugget of information that Puffy was a sassy white girl who lived in Harlem and got busy over a sparse mid '80s Pumpkin production for the song. Joe Mangel, whaddaya know, Robbie recently came across a copy of the 12", ripped it and has just posted it for the good of all humanity:

"He's so full of baloney they should call him Oscar Mayer
But they call him Joe Blow, the ultimate liar"

Puffy Dee - Joe Blow
(From Young, Single And Free 12"; 1985)

To answer EttelThun's question whether Puffy Dee was the O.G Iggy Azalea, I would say, sorta, yeah, since Joe Blow is to Spoonie Gee's Get Off My Tip as Fancy is to Function. In a broader historical context, Puffy is the missing link between Debbie Harry on Rapture and Tarrie B, Joe Blow anticipated No Scrubs by 14 years, and the song knocks at least twice as hard as 1985's most celebrated drum machine Female Rap™ record. Fuchs woz right, so God only knows why he put this on the 12"'s B side.

BTW, has anybody ever discussed Duke Bootee & Masterdon Committee's outright jack of Get Off My Tip? How did Spoonie ever let them get away with that when he was sho shenshitive about people biting him?


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

"Joe Blow exists for just one purpose
Act like a clown right out the circus
Just say his name and the girls get nervous
He be walkin' round talkin' bout his cousin named Pervis"


Anonymous said...

Lolita raps

Noisey comments snitch said...

This goes as the kids say.

Unknown said...

The Iggy Azalea comparisons pretty accurate.

Emile said...

USA Lady Sovereign?