Friday, 3 October 2014

Late pass!

"Grown n*gga on the retarded bus
The only difference, I'm drivin' all the slow mothafux"

Vic Spencer ft. TREE - Profound
(The internet; 2013)

Firstly, that beat sounds like what would have happened if John Carpenter had remixed the instrumental of Rip The Cut by The Skinny Boys for an Escape From Connecticut movie with Vince McMahon as C.T's answer to The Duke. If the forthcoming Vic Spencer X TREE EP isn't comprised of at least 50% tracks which sound like John Carpenter remixes of rap songs from 1986 then I'm gonna be one unhappy camper.

Secondly, Profound is what the TREE X Danny Brown collaboration should have sounded like. Much like Danny Brown before he decided he wanted to be that bloke from The Boredoms, Vic raps like The Power of Young Zee Compels Thee. Unlike Danny at any juncture of his career, however, Vic also manages to sound like the IRL manifestation of that legendary message board post where Necro called Goretex a "ROBOTIC RETARD WITH VIRUSES (LEPROSY) THAT NO SPYWARE CAN CURE!"


Heart Of Gloss said...

Moolah is needed here.

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**Fekky voice**

Well how'z 'bout dat?

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Si Mane Price said...

Should probably add that this has a video too.

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Man, I would watch the shit out of that Escape From Connecticut movie.