Friday, 11 July 2014

The inverse Gentle Jones

Is it a turd? Is it a train? Nope, it's another 2014 rap song which happens to be inspired by I Need A Freak:

"I got the swag of a high school jock, bitch
Reason why the whip topless
Seldom seen, don't come across this.."

Smoov-E ft. Clyde Carson - What's It Gonna Be?
(From What's It Gonna Be? single; 2014)

What's It Gonna Be sounds like it was born to be slapped alongside Game's new Don't Fight The Feeling homage, but, eh, Smoov-E has previously displayed some very dodgy South Park Mexican-type tendencies he revisits here. Dude might need Julienne Shepherd on his team to hush that story up if it turns out he's really 'bout dat Mickey Mars Bar life.


d said...

Damn I forgot to check out this character after hearing about him on 100k podcast, this shits a jawnt.

Queezy said...

That "Dream Girl" video is all kinds of wrong.

Si Mane Price said...

Zach G needs to stop releasing dis songs where he calls Noz, David Drake & Al Shipley racists one minute before insinuating that Chippy Nonstop has hygiene + facial hair issues because she's Indian the next, and get to beefin' with Smoov-E, imo.

d said...

Wonder what Malki is at now.

Probably shouldnt but I need to hear one of these Zach G disses.

Gentle Jones said...

thanks for the shoutout :/

Si Mane Price said...

I can't find the Zach G dis song. Where's Drake when we need him?

hgv said...

What happened to the K-Klass post??!

Si Mane Price said...

Holdin' it back for now.