Friday, 23 May 2014

Watch my skeet

Watch My Feet is a classic like Right Thurr by Chingy, ya girl didn't like anything else from Dude N Nem's CD, how long has she been gay? As treatises on romantic dining go, McDonalds isn't exactly "up in China eatin' egg-a-rolls" with your boo, but it's the thought wot counts in affairs of the heart and matters of the stomach, innit?

"Girl, you deserve the best in life
So tonight I'm gonna treat you right
Girl, I hope you have an appetite
'Cause we're goin' to McDonalds"

Dude 'n Nem - McDonalds
(From Tinted Incubators album; 2009)

As someone who hasn't eaten at J.D's spot since last century, ya boy Nae-Naeomi Zeichner right chea would still gladly take a happy meal in a quiet corner over a trip to some mid-tier retail park shithole like Frankie & Benny's or Hungry Horse where you'll wait over 40 minutes for your food and then get served with piece of Werner Herzog's boiled shoe masquerading as a 12oz rump steak.

U.K headz - what's the worst franchise eatery in this country?


ILX Snitch said...

Wagamania = best

Frankie & Bennys or TGI Fridays = worst

Dan said...

Pizza Express fucking sucks.

James said...


Cardboard food, half arsed service, always full of screaming kids.

Fulci said...

Harvester is the ninth circle of chav Hell.

THE GUY said...


Dilla Smith said...

Hate yourself and your digestive system? Want to eat at a place with "grill" in the name even though everything is fried and microwaved? Do you believe salt is a vegetable? Get yourself over to Jimmy's World Grill. If they're shut, try Pizza Hut.

Lost Art said...

Definitely Harvester.

yeldarb said...

Do you believe salt is a vegetable?


Anonymous said...

burger king

Si Mane Price said...

Underrated UK chain restaurants then?

Kinda partial to eating Lunch in Revolution once a week.

Gary pon Road. said...

Underrated UK chain restaurants? Yo Sushi, Kho Thai Tapas, Wagamama but most of all, Nandos. Nandos rules.

Habibi said...

Yo this song was the jam in the Chi in 2009-10. This shit was the soundtrack to my late night cruises down Lake Shore Drive to go meet up with my pretty lady in her downtown condo. Memories!!!!

Si Mane Price said...


The Dude N Nem album had joints.