Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Red or Ted

Rappers have been really lettin' ya boy Blogota Rich down with their videos this month, mang - a few weeks back King Louie filmed a loosely Bonnie & Clyde-themed clip for Bars with some random 'hoodrat as his patna in crime instead of Katie Got Bandz, and today sees A-Mafia release a promo for the 2011 fan-favourite Ted Dibiase with nary a visual reference to its namesake. Here was me hoping the video might reverse the Ted and Virgil racial dynamic and feature a Tuxedo-ed up 'Mafia stunting around Harlem flanked by a subservient pecKKKerwood in a dickie-bow who gives impromptu foot massages. Oh well, he does get his Iron Sheik on in the video, and the song is still the hardest shit since MC Ren as well as the perfect antidote to the mundanity of Joey Bada$$; does N.Y really need its own Stalley?

A-Mafia - Ted Dibiase
(From What The Streets Made Me mixtape; 2011)

Also wanna take this opportunity to admit that I was talkin' outta my ass about 'Mafia's Under The Scope mixtape being a near-complete disaster other than Road To The Riches and the Real Live Pro remix. It isn't a good 'tape by any stretch of the imagination, but along with the two aforementioned 'Mafia classics it also has the baronial Crime Pays and the Auto-Tuned guilty pleasure of Who Can I Run To? to its credit :

A-Mafia - Crime Pays
(From Under The Scope mixtape; 2012)

A-Mafia ft. Herb McGruff - Who Can I Run To?
(From Under The Scope mixtape; 2012)


James said...

Glad i'm not the only person who thinks Joey Bada$$ is shit.

"Ted Dibiase" reminds me of some other Dipset song?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Uses the same O Fortuna sample as Ya Dig.

P said...


Billy Patrick said...

Who Can I run to was also one of my favorites from that tape - I only kept Body Bag, Crime Pays, Dame Dash & Who Can I Run to on my computer and only Crime Pays / Who Can I Run to get much play.

@ James - I will never listen to Joey Bada$$ to even know whether or not he is shit but I'm assuming he is.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I really wanted to like Body Bag but it somehow didn't quite do it for me even though I love Dipset over orchestral shit. I might give it another toot.