Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fat Lace back!

It's Def Jam week over on Fat Lace, featuring blurbs-a-plenty by ya man Richard Tre Mane AKA Trap Goin' Burham Wazir. Drew Huge and I actually wrote the text for this entire week back in the Reagan/Thatcher era when Davy DMX was signed to the label (well, sometime last year), but it's taken Dan Large this long to rip and up all the audio for it since he's now clocking that Tinie Tempah paper from Sway becoming a proper pop star and partying it up in Dubai with Calvin Harris and Alexa Chung. When we was on the computer writin' about B.G Knocc Out, he was in Palm Deira sippin' Cris' on a speedboat.


Anonymous said...

is that lyor cohen?

Richard Tre Mane said...

Yup. From that Beasties/LL/Def Jam in London in 1987 video Westwood upped after MCA died.