Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Martorial Elegance # 43

We're moving on up in the world here at The Martorialist these days; not only are random dudes creating Spotify playlists based on our posts, but we also have Paramount Pictures firmly on our nutz hittin' us up with exclusive stills from the G.I Joe movie sequel. In this one we find human-chameleon Zartan Zanzibar camouflaging himself as a bench in Central Park to lie in wait to go ham and blast the G.I Joe dudes and dudettes after they've just celebrated Ripcord's birthday with a trip to Nando's :

We know, we know : this one is a little too matchy-matchy for some of y'all pithy square mawfuckers out there, but we're awarding it the first Martorial Elegance 10/10 of the year because a Ronseal tan, white hair and a propensity to strip off at the drop of a hat is some pure Ric Flair steez, and there isn't a man on the planet who shouldn't be aspiring to be the Nature Boy.

Cam'Ron ft. Vado - Ric Flair

I've grown to really like this, y'know. Not as much as Child Of The Ghetto freestyle, Glitter, Pass The Dutchie, I Used To Get It In Ohio, Cookin' Up, and Fuck A Freestyle (AKA the only Cam songs I've really dug since Killa Season), but it's one which I find myself now listening to a lot regardless of the Flair fetishising. It sorta has the feel of what a noughties C.O.C song might sound like, but in a totally good way, as opposed Large On The Streets by Vado, which just sounds like some generic unreleased McGruff song from 1993 which One Leg Up Records have just put out.

This, on the other hand, was a great McGruff song :

McGruff ft. Ma$e & Big L - Danger Zone


Anonymous said...

Do you have an mp3 of the Mcgruff song?

MF said...

Somewhere, yeah. I'll see if i can find it and post it.

dj said...

I can see the guy on the bench asking young scantily clad girls if they want to come and ride Space Mountain, before being taken away in an unmarked vehicle.

James said...

Livin' la dolce vita in the park.

Anonymous said...

Hi again. Dud yuo find thw Mcgruff song?

MF said...

Steady borkin'?

Upped it in the post.

LCR said...

this is the hardest ma$e verse that i've heard