Friday, 25 June 2010

The making of Aquemini

I don't think this is in any way XXL related (we won't get the new issue here in the UK for another 3 weeks and Bol's blog is the only thing I read on the XXL site currently so I could be wrong) but this new The Making Of Aquemini piece is a fine read for all OutKast fans. Lots of interesting stuff in the track breakdowns but this in particular caught my eye :

"Return of the 'G'" skit

When neighborhood "thugs" stop by their friendly mom-and-pop record store to check up on that new Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique album, the owner tries to steer them toward "that new, new OutKast" instead. The thugs emphatically decline: "Man, fuck them. I ain't fuckin' with them no mo'."

Andre 3000: I wrote out the skits. It was like a parody of everything going on at the time. Back then all the hood record labels were called stuff like Slap a Bitch Records or Big Dick Records, so we made up the group name Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique. Me, Sleepy [Brown] and Cee-Lo were going to form an actual band called Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique. We recorded some stuff but never released anything under that name. It was really just a funny thing we made up for an album you'd buy at the record store.

Um, yeah. We're gonna need to hear these Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique recording asap, guys. If Killer Mike can leak all the songs he recorded for his unreleased Ghetto Extrodinary album and Prince Paul can give up his Horror City album project for free on Twitter, then the considerably more succesful Andre, Cee-Lo and Sleepy can give these up online for free too.

OutKast ft. Slick Rick - Da Art Of Storytellin' Part 1 remix

Am I the only one who wishes the remix of part 1 with Slick Rick had been the version on the album? The Ruler's voice coming in during the 2nd hook is one of those magical moment in rap for me alongside that bit in Step To The Rear when Puba says "BUS' IT!", or the gunshots after Cube informs the unfortunate fellow that he's won the wet t-shirt contest at the start of Now I Gotta Wet 'Cha or Jim Jones's "THEY FOREIGN!" ad lib after he tells us that it's "money over b's/and my cars, they come from overseas" on Lil' Flip's I Get Money.


Boothe said...

Goes without saying (and i'm sure everyone else feels the same), but I would LOVE to hear the full version of Hold On, Be Strong, and Dre's solo track from Southerplayalistic.

MF said...


Hopefully the making of might trigger someone digging them up.