Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Greatest movie scenes ever # 28

AKA the prerequisite Rammellzee R.I.P post.

Since everyone other blog has posted all the best Rammellzee stuff already (links to Beat Bop and Gothic Futurism, pictures of his insane outfits or his collaboration with Supreme, videos of his scenes from Wild Style and Style Wars, eulogies noting his influence on everyone from Kool Keith to Cypress Hill to Freestyle Fellowship), I guess I'm gonna have to round this up with his cameo from Stranger Than Paradise, which Jarmusch has still only bettered just the once with Dead Man, where his character - listed in the credits as Man With Money - mistakenly gives Eva the bag of cash. 08:05 in :

And the cameo works as an effective tribute to Rammellzee's two greatest qualities : always on some next-shit with language (was anybody else calling hats domepieces in 1984?) and his get-ups, as we see him resplendent in a Dappy hat, Star Trek shades, a pre-shellsuit jacket, and knee-length boots here :

Phase II and Kase 2 may have been Hip Hop's O.G oddballs, and Jimmy Spicer may have spitting avant garde lyrics on wax before him, but Rammellzee was Hip Hop's first true renaissance weirdo and he remained suitably out-there until the very end. Toodle-pip, 'zee.


Verge said...

Never knew he'd been in any movies.


elmattic said...

R.I.P. R:L:Z.

For those that only ever heard Beat Bop, some more of his cuts here: