Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lil B gets sparked-out, and then responds

It's inevitable that this place was going to end up as little more than a trashy Rap-Gossip blog (shoutouts to the Fat Lace homie Dead Perez) posting videos of rappers getting beaten up one day, so why even fight destiny any longer?

About 1:23 in of an otherwise completely inaudible interview :

If there's one motto I live my life by it's : never trust guys who wear any sort of v-neck. Not only does this dude called Nico (apparently a gay Berkerley rapper by the name of Lil' Nico who Lil' B went to school with) sucker punch the Based God during his interview with him at a Pack video shoot because B apparently wouldn't call Soulja Boy for him, but he also has that killer Roberto Duran knockout blow after his initial flurry of pathetically feminine punches.

It's a pity we didn't have the internet and Youtube back before 2004 to document some of the most interesting occurences of beef in rap history. Just think, we could've had video footage of Just Ice turning up on Poet's block, Above The Law administering a beatdown to Da Lench Mob at the New Music Seminar, E-40 and his crew rolling up on Biggie in the Bay, and Will High hitting that Cannibal Ox dude from behind as he was taking a piss.

And here's Lil B's response :

I'm obviously biased because Lil B replying to my video collection post is as close to a celebrity moment that I'm ever gonna get on here unless Kate Russell ever Googles herself and finds my post about her, but black eye and swollen Donald Duck lip aside, B's response is a much more dignified post-knocked-out response than, say, Cam'Ron's infamous Daisy Dukes in the backyard of his tiny bungalow response to Tru-Life and 50, AKA the video which spolied Cam'Ron more for me than a multitude of boring, badly produced mixtapes with like Penz and Vado ever could.

Bonus beats :

Lil B - The Trap

Lil B's latest cut, which is on that same sorta NY influenced tip as Age Of Information/I Am The Hood. I'm guessing he's listening to a lot of old AZ, Nas and Cormega at the moment.


James said...

He goes down HARD.

Found this too -


MF said...

That explains what Lil B was talking about in his response when he was talking about doing his interview dance.

Not as good as his Indicating-That-He's-Having-Sex dance, imo.