Saturday, 29 May 2010

Q.B hangover

I thought I burned myself out on Q.B shit for the time being after the post about whether Queens has the best vault of unreleased gems a few weeks ago, but the last couple of days I've found myself in a daze listening to nothing but Big Noyd. Well, and that new Integrity album but that's a whole 'nother story, obviously. It's a typical wet & windy British bank holiday summer weekend, so this is the perfect oppurtunity for some (more) Noyd favourites.

Big Noyd ft. Prodigy - The Grimy Way

Just wanna point out that it was me who nominated this for Robbie Unkut's recent Best Alchemist production tournament and that said tournament should've concluded with this coming second to We Gonna Make It. As Noyd and Prodigy go, The Grimy Way isn't quite Recognize And Realize Part 1, but it's as close as Noyd ever got to his own Shook Ones again and that's good enough.

Big Noyd - Queens Chronicle

As the QB cameo king, Noyd realises that songs which clock up around the 2 minute 30 second mark are the most effective method for capturing his paroxysmal bursts of greatness, but this is just way too short, innit? Just like there should be a rule which states that Noyd should've rapped on any track which Alchemist ruined with his peckerwood tones, there should also be another ruling which decrees that Noyd should rap for at least 3 minutes whenever he gets an ill piano beat like this. Anyone identify that creepy piano sample? I swear I know it from somewhere.

Big Noyd ft. Twin Gambino - Burn It Down

Twin Gambino's Ernest Borgnine's voice is alright in small doses, particularly if it's accompanied by a Noyd verse and some Spaghetti Western sounding production which conjures up images of narrow eyed staredowns and gunfights, only in the streets of Queensbridge rather than a cardboard movie-set in a disused Sardinian quarry, obviously.

Big Noyd - Noyd Gangsta

As Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles once philosophized to April (who has one of the sexiest outfits in cartoon history, btw), "without pain there can be no pleasure" and never was his statement more true than when listening to J-Love Best Of.. artist mixtapes. Worst thing about them : a fat, ginger cracker shouting N*GGA over every song; best thing about them : great unreleased/new songs like this. Such balance in life is alright in moderation, but thank fuck J-Love finally released versions of his best tapes free from his painful grunting so I can enjoy Noyd Gangsta without distraction.


James said...

Is the piano in Queens Chronicle from an 80s horror movie? Sounds familiar to me too.

MF said...

That's what I'm thinking but I can't place it.

No doubt someone will turn up here in the comment section in 3 months with the answer.