Friday, 21 May 2010

Greatest movie scenes ever # 27

And so we move from such highbrow content as Lil B videos and why men love women in glasses back to the more lowbrow stylings of the scene in Allegro Non Troppo which is set to Maurice Ravel's Boléro.

Bruno Bozzetto's 1977 animation masterpiece was both Fantasia-inspired, with 6 seperate scenes set to various notable classical symphonies by the likes of Debussy, Vivaldi, Stravinsky etc, and Fantasia-challenging, as it lays its cock out on the table, smugly gestures down to it, and says "beat that, Disney estate!". Based around some bubbling backwash slime from a Coca Cola bottle which spunks out and then goes on to mutate throughout various stages of evolution before man's metropolis finally comes along to reign supreme, the Boléro scene is the least subtle shot fired at Disney in the entire movie as it mirrors the Rite Of Spring by Stravinsky segment of Fantasia. I think that's more than enough background information for you heathens to be going on with for now, so here's the scene :

You're possibly expecting me now to tell you about how I first saw this on acid and it totes blew my mind, maaan, but there's little more irritating than other people's boring drug anecdotes, and the first time I saw Allegro Non Troppo was at a quaint film festival set in a converted Catholic church full of middle aged toffs and artfags where I indulged in nothing stronger than mineral water and seafood. Anyway, the only time I ever actually did do acid I ended up sitting on my bed in my boxer shorts sweating profusely and crying because I thought I could hear bottles costantly smashing under it.

Where the Yanks inspire and the Wops provide, the doggone British taketh away and ruin. It's now impossible for anyone British over the age of 30 to hear the Boléro and not think of fucking Torville and Dean iceskating to it at the 1984 Olympic games. Man, da streetz wanna be thinking of spunking shapeshifting animated madness, not Jane Torville's simian face and 70s Readers Wife hairdoo :


diamonds said...

Love the way you totally miss out the fact the hole are playing this, which is what rekindled your interest

MF said...

I don't know if this lot are up on that Pretty On The Inside like us, Deezy.

2SHIN said...

I saw that ginger honey from Doctor Who in Liverpool Street yesterday. Bitch is truly a fine dime piece but she was fucking around with one of those guys who goes to boarding school but thinks he's cool because he's in a band that sounds like Pigeon Detectives.

Str8 bitch nucca basix.

diamonds said...


MF said...

She should at least be dating a b-list Brit actor at this point. You should've stepped to them on some Cam'Ron Clicked the 9, yep - skipped the line, looked at homeboy - "Yo, your bitch is mine" type shit, 2Shin.

I'm from Harlem, uptown, where we flash money, take ya bitch, and ask you "What now?"

2SHIN said...

My look that day was a bit too thugin' to be trying to run game like that.

It was freshly brought white socks pulled up as high as those Primark fuckers would go (I'm considering throwing them away and telling girls I only wear socks once) and some navy knock off vans with khahki shorts.

I was a black beanie over my eyes away from being a minor cast member of 'Next 'Friday'.

MF said...

Black ppl might wear their white tees once, but real ballers only wear their socks once.

Mr Bozack said...

Just outta interest - what's the Hole connection there?

MF said...

Courtney Love came out on stage to the Boléro on the recent Hole reunion tour which Diamonds went to see.