Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I hate smart chicks but i love brains # 5

And so we wave what might be a final tah-rah to Chantal Hadley as Jesus College Oxford were knocked out of University Challenge last night and relegated into that confusingly pointless cauldron with other teams which've been knocked out who could still potentially make the next round if the moon orbits around the sun a particular way the night of transmission or something.

Chantal had obviously took us calling her the Hoxton Hindley to heart, and jettisoned the whole Hoxton half of the equation to settle squarely on the Hindley portion for her current look, which we wholeheartedly approve of. Yeah, okay - Hindley was an evil cunt who killed innocent kids, but so was the hot assassin bird from 24 who blew up the airplane with children on it in the first episode, and we're not gonna stop cracking one off over her anytime soon, are we? Besides, looking like Myrah Hindley is infinately less offensive than looking like a Morissey loving Urban Outfitters employee on the scale of heinous activity.

Chantal, we know you read this blog (#3 Google hit on "Chantal Hadley" + "University Challege", baby) so we have two pleas for you : puhleez sign up for the third series of Are You An Egghead this summer, and do be a dear and join our pub quiz team one time because our token bird member really is shit on the questions about maths and the Bronte sisters which she professes to be an expert on.

The Chantels - I'm Confessin'


ichlugebullets said...


"The latest minutes of the Committee show Roche threatening to fire Chantal Hadley, Secretary of the Consultative Committee, who was taking minutes at the meeting during discussion about the appearance of Giscard D'Estaing."

Apache was seemingly looking for his gangsta bitch in the wrong place.

MF said...

Damn. Chantal brings da ruckus when her teammates like Tom Spelling and the 2 indie dudes stay hiding out in the library.

brad said...

she looks a bit auntyish in these, mate

MF said...


James said...

Chantal was fitter with the quiff

2SHIN said...

I got mad love Chantal but I'm just not feeling that hair at all. It looks like the type of barnet Paul Weller would have.

MF said...

Ol' singer from some shit indie band like Kasabian lookin' ass wigpiece.