Sunday, 10 January 2010

TV eye part 2

2 questions :

1. Why hasn't someone uploaded the full Ice-T and Coco bits of All Star Mr And Mrs up to Youtube yet? Streetz ain't givin' a fuck about Carol Smillie and some kid from Coronation Street.

2. Why didn't Ice and Coco win the money for their chosen charity when Coco got the question right about which year Ice's masterpiece O.G Original Gangster came out in? It wasn't her fault that Ice was a year out and thought it came out in 1992, thus denying them their charidee loot.

It was a decent watch anyway, if only for Ice refusing to answer when Schofield asked him his real name, and Rhyme Pays, Power and O.G all getting mentioned on a UK tv show which goes out to millions of regular squares and mongs. One of the reasons I liked Notorious was because I got to hear the likes of Warning, Juicy, Kick In The Door and see an actor playing Craig Mack in the company of what Bobby "The Brain" Heenan would call ham 'n' eggers or humanoids, and this worked on much the same level.

So, shall we take a quick gander at all the videos from O.G since they're all currently on Youtube? I say we should jump at the chance since it's a rare occurrence any Ice video lasts more than a couple of months before Warner Brothers get it deleted, muted or have the embedding disabled feature implemented. Yeah, let's stick it to the man!

Ice-T - O.G Original Gangster

Ice's thorough explanation of what happened inbetween Reckless and 6 In The Morning, where he somehow forgets to mention the bit about sorta ripping off Schoolly D's whole steez.

Ice-T - The Tower

Ice-T - Mind Over Matter

Ice-T - the only man on the planet, bar Mike Muir, who could make a baseball cap and ponytail combo look fly.

Ice-T - Midnight

One night sometime in 1998 we were waiting for a taxi after a particularly drunken night out and there was a tinted 4x4 opposite blasting this. I went over and knocked on the window to compliment whoever was inside on their taste in music, which possibly wasn't the best idea in hindsight, but nobody answered so I just got my boogie on with a complicated dance routine which alternated between bow-legged nut grabbing and furious air-guitar action until our taxi came. It occassionally still keeps me awake at night not knowing who was inside that vehicle.

Ice-T - New Jack Hustler

Interesting movie fact : apparently Larenz Tate used listen to this over and over to get into that O-Dog state of mind for Menace II Society.


toilet said...

I realised while watching Mr & Mrs at the weekend that I've owned the OG album in all available formats including the video, which is the album in it's entirety filmed.

MF said...

I didn't buy it on wax as it was a shitty quiet pressing, but i own it on tape and cd.

We could never get our hands on the O.G vhs tape back in the day, and I thought it was just 5 vids. It's the whole album? You're telling me there are videos to Home Of The Bodybag, Bitches 2 and even the interludes like Fried Chicken and Street Killer?

I think i've just spunked myself.

MF said...

Just ordered a copy off Amazon.

My life is incomplete until i've seen the videos to Ziplock and the Ya Shoulda Killed Me Last Year outro.

brad said...

as usual british tv shows can't feature a rapper without having some sort of "comedy" moment involving someone in a backwards cap saying YO!

toilet said...

I've only watched it the once but the videos to the album tracks are mainly him walking around some LA neighbourhood with other members of the Rhyme Syndicate loitering around.

After his performance on prime time saturday night ITV, I think MC Ice T's chances of doing panto this year are pretty good.

MF said...

I'd certainly go to see Ice-Tracey as Dick Whittington in Southport, and i'll be disappointed if the O.G tape is anything but 24 videos of Ice and the Syndicate loitering around the streets in Raiders gear.

Anonymous said...

If theres a video to fried chicken you havev to upload it! In 11th grade i wrote a paper on it claiming it was the best poem ever!!!



MF said...

I'll see what i can do, although i currently have no idea how to transfer vhs onto my pc.

The video to it is ace - it's 4 of them - Ice, Evil E, 2 other dudes 1 of whom i think is Aladdin - sitting around digging out records from boxes in a tiny room as a clad in stonewash denim Evil E, spins them on the decks.