Monday, 23 November 2009

When I say dozen you know what I'm talkin' about, boyyy

Thought we might be in for another Ultimate Warrior comeback a la Barry last year in the this year's grand finale of Are You An Egghead? for a minute when Pat Gibson got 4 questions wrong on the trot and David Edwards came back from in losing all the early rounds to go on a stunning run in the last round before Pat eventually got his penultimate question right and won the competition.

Not quite sure how Pat is gonna fit in on the Eggheads team as he's a less eccentric Chris with more knowledge of sport and music made after 1981 or a more burly Kevin with an added thousand yard stare, but we ain't drinkin' no haterade here as dook got his question about which rap group the RZA, Ghostface Killah and Method Man found fame with right. Shame he didn't attempt a guess at what NWA stands for but you can't expect miracles on BBC2 teatime telly, huh? Word to the wise for Dermot and Pat, though : it's pronounced Rizah, not R-Z-A. I'm sure Daphne would've known how to say it.

Beastie Boys - Egg Man

Quiz related edit :

Oh shit, the tranny Olivia Wooley reappeared on University Challenge last night too. Best U.C contestant ever.


brad said...

i remember him on millionaire and something else...maybe mastermind?

Anonymous said...

MF you are disgrace how dare you speak ill of the dead - have you no shame - did your comment about Derek B the day after he died make you feel good? you obviously haven't heard his Eric B and Rakim paid in full Urban respray remix? which they are actually on record as saying is better than their original - shame on you you sick MF