Friday, 20 November 2009

Justice at last?

Henchoz blatantly handled the ball in the box to prevent a Henry goal in the 2001 F.A Cup final and the Irish inflicted House Of Pain on the world. Is this a case of karma turning its hand to finally catch up with matters it should've taken care of years ago?

Black Sabbath - Hand Of Doom


done said...

you could say the irish inflicted house of pain on the world, but americans inflicted over-aknowledging your ancestoral roots on the world in the most irritating way possible is more accurate. how many english, french etc people do you hear describing themselves as "irish", "italian", "peurto rican", "haitian" when all thats connectin them to those nationalities is a fuckin hyphen and some tourist grandparents???

fuck that, pride in your culture and rememberin your roots is one thing but singin songs bout shamrocks an fuckin SHENANIGANS (actual title of one of their songs, i shit u not) is as authentically irish as darby o gill an the little people.

trust me, them cunts that come here with their stupid surnames PRETTY MUCH NO ONE IN IRELAND ACTUALLY HAS (probably cos we shipped all the o'flahertys etc off to america for bein stupid bastards, but i digress), talkin bout "is this the muckadoon parish?, wheres the aran sweater store?" are the first ones to get mugged.

MF said...

2SHIN said...

As an Arsenal fan that Henchoz hand ball still haunts me in my sleep. See what Roy Keane had to say on the matter? Realest talk ever.

Justin case you didn't:

MF said...

Yeah, i saw that. Keane is the Liam Gallagher of football now he's retired from playing : he should just stick to interviews where he eviscerates everyone.

That F.A Cup final was the late mugging of the decade.

brad said...

it's between that and liverpool winning the champs league

jammiest cunts ever

Anonymous said...

MF you are disgrace how dare you speak ill of the dead - have you no shame? - did your comment about Derek B the day after he died make you feel good? you obviously haven't heard his Eric B and Rakim paid in full Urban respray remix? which they are actually on record as saying is better than their original - shame on you you sick MF