Monday, 16 November 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever # 21

Excellent timing on your post about Jones The Cat in Alien, Boothe, as it coincides with me seeing the cat-attack scene in Let The Right One In the other night, which is the foulest moggy scene I've seen since the cat eats the hitman hired to kill it in the Cat From Hell story in the Tales From The Darkside movie.

I've known about dogs not being particularly fond of the undead ever since Nanook went for Michael in The Lost Boys, but who knew felines have such contempt for bloodsuckers too, especially since they're such evil hissing demons with fangs themselves? Me, I've always hated cats ever since I was a kid and the next door neighbour's nasty little hellion of a cat jumped on me after I found it hiding out in our airing cupboard, so I'm more of a fan of celluloid canines. Shout outs to Chopper in Stand By Me. Sic 'em, boy :

Klondike Kat - Brain Matter


James said...

That scene is disturbing.

Let The Right One In any good then?

MF said...

Yeah, saw it in that converted church by Southview.

Boothe said...

That cat scene is hilarious.

Definitely one of my favorite movies of 2008.