Friday, 6 February 2009

Well 'ard.

This week on my blogosphere it's been all about recession-rappin' and reminiscing on old school jams so let's coalesce the two subjects in a bid to find the ultimate old school tune with the moniker of Hard Times about the plight of the average joe during an economic meltdown.

Is it Hard Times by Kurtis Blow?

Or is it Hard Times by Run Dmc?

Both songs share the same moniker and theme. Both artists are from Queens and were managed by Russell. Run even ghostwrote and djed for Kurtis under the handle of Son Of Kurtis Blow at one point.

The difference here is one is a classic example of pre-The Message/Planet Rock disco-rap from 1980 and the other typifies the stark, tuff drum machine sound from 1984 that Run Dmc themselves ushered in a year earlier with their classic debut double-headed single.

But which is better?


Brad said...

run dmc

that's the best early kurtis blow song after the breaks tho

Conroy said...

run dmc wins this time, that instrumental is too good, but Kurtis looks cooler

Conroy said...

Kurtis' jacket (don't know how the fuck to describe it, is that leather?) worn open necked, riddled with jewellery >>> raiders bombers

Conroy said...

that's one of the best humans god ever designed