Sunday, 8 February 2009

I pull strings like guitar strings down in spain

There are few things more despicable than white men with acoustic guitars. If it's not some busking flesh 'n' blood flotsam & jetsam belting out Wonderwall so loudly that it drowns out whatever song i'm listening to on my mp3 player as i saunter past them munching on one of those Gillian McKeith Hemp Seed Oil bars then it's being subjected to songs via the radio at work/in shops by emoting singer-songwriter skid stain on the boxer shorts of humanity ponces who shed hot-dog brine tinged tears as they gently strum their 6 stringed wooden instruments.

Al Green with an acoustic guitar, though, is a whole 'nother story :

This recent G. Mane song which samples Simply Beautiful is hot :

G. Mane - If It Ain't

But this other recent G. Mane song which doesn't sample Simply Beautiful and which features G-Side is even hotter as it's like what would have happened if UGK ever did a track with Nate Dogg :

G. Mane ft. G-Side - No One Duz It Betta


Rob Pursey said...

So so true!! Ha ha

t said...

lol @ those gillian mckeith bars

louise said...

You're such a wigger that you even call white people crackers. I think I love you. Wheres my weave at bitch

BLVD said...

thanks homie! I (Mick Vegas) produced both records. Check out more at