Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Martorial elegance # 12

In the same way that Levi's are pretty much the blueprint for any good jeans (and a few less than decent ones too), JNCO are the prototype for the gazebo-like denim disasters that look tailor made for Holly Willoughby in her current behemoth state which keep cyber-goths, cyber-ravers and a whole carnival of other cyber-cunts dipped in ridiculous 32" width hem kecks with rear detailing.

Only, instead of the sewn-in spacko graffiti fonts and Funkdoobiest LP cover-esque goateed characters with blunts of JNCO's, we now get sub-culture specific strains with the cyber-goth variety featuring studs, skulls and various other shit you can only get away with wearing if you're Kerry, Lemmy or Glenn.

Please take note Juelz et Jim. Seriously.


Conroy said...

they are fucking missmatched, she looks like she buys clothes in tesco, he looks like he wants to live in 'the tribe'

Anonymous said...


holly w seems to be pregnant in her back and arse too