Thursday, 26 February 2009

I don't gotta be in your house to fuck up your couch

Youz lot took that shit too literally. Like ex-QuizTV babe Sara Damergi used to say: "think laterally, not literally." Allow Oakland native and hater-extrodinaire Bailey to explain the real meaning of Fuck your couch:

"Jheah, fuck your couch, n*gga
lemme tell you about this shit:
If the po-lice come around this muthafucker messin' up your paper - they fuckin' up your couch....."

Bailey - Fuck Yo' Couch


T said...

lol @ quiztv..those were the days

poor more quiztv and i don't think scooch have done much since they did eurovision

Bradley said...

One of the best songs you ever put on a cd for me.

Sha Deezy said...

One of the my favourite pieces he ever did. Was that at the Total Fitness place?