Saturday 8 July 2017

Weekend with Berner

Since it's a brand new year, I got a brand new attitude and a brand new way to listen to an earnest weed farmer/rapper dude. So, Rey has really got me listening to Berner's solo shit! If 20 Joints is Exhibit A in the prosecution's case against those of us who believe Berner's career shoulda been confined to the 3 Drought Season albums with Jacka, then this eponymous solo slap has gotta be Exhibit A+.

Berner ft. Cait Da Lee - Berner
(From YouTube; 2007/Weekend At Bernies album; 2009)

Who are the other secrete Berner fans on the rap internet? Pipe up now with slap recommendations or forever hold thy fingers.


d said...

lol did you listen to the Berner Styles P album

d said...

also Berner has earned his own title hes a weed farmer

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Good point. Edited accordingly.

I haven't, but I'm probably gonna give Berner's Sleepwalking album a listen.

Ray Garraty said...

it's kinda cute when Berner switches on his Father mode

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

"Kids in her mouth, no kiss good night"

d said...

Other ppl carry Berners weed, theyre called rappers

Unknown said...

The album "Traffic" that he did with Ampachino was pretty good, it's pretty similar to the Drough Season albums.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

ackbar said...

Drought Season 2 with The Jacka
Drought Season with The Jacka
Traffic with Ampichino
Blow 2 (Blocks and Boat Docks) with Messy Marv
Traffic 2 with Ampichino
Blow with Messy Marv
The White Album
Drought Season 3 with The Jacka

Roman said...

Ha, guilty of making NoBerner Audacity edits during his White album - Urban Farmer run. Even bought the better A&R than rapper revisionism, his recent signing of Pooh Hef's pall Hollywood was a good look. But in terms of rapping, held his own with The Jack, and high school me would have bumped this: (his older video's are a treasure trove for rap cinematography e.g. But Rey is on point as always, I mean isn't it great that he made enough money off weed and merch to just enjoy shrooms, talk to weed plants and chop game with Rich the Factor (how is the new album?). Even the eighteen-wheeler brags sound better than ever.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Is it time for an Critical Reevaluation of Berner?

Since I'm at the point with Jay-Z where I even find his good shit unlistenable (call it KRS One syndrome), I now officially prefer Well Connected to the Dynasty (Intro).