Friday, 28 July 2017

Even when I'm bloggin', I'm bein' sincere

According to Instagram, tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of LL Cool J's Bigger and Deffer album; that's 3 entire decades since LL redefined 'ardcore 'ip 'op with I'm Bad, recorded the first great rap ballad with I Need Love, and reanimated Chuck Berry's back catalogue with Go Cut Creator Go. The latter song was the only one of the album's three singles not to have been blessed with ill visualz, but who needs a video when you've got LL's barnstorming performance of it on Saturday Night Live where DJ Bobcat bodied DJ Cut Creator on his own tribute song?

Attention Soundcloud rappers in Metallica t-shirts: you ain't allowed to refer to yourselves as Rockstars if your air-guitar skillz ain't up to par with Uncle L.

For doz about to Do Wop, we salute you.


Si Mane Price said...

Also, cheers to King Kos for the GIF.

step one said...

The first time I heard swearing on a record, and the first album I knew all the words to.

Si Mane Price said...

My Rhyme Ain't Done is very much underrated in the pantheon of abstract rap. Shit might be the true heir to Debbie Harry's rhymes on Rapture.

David said...

hope you saved this cuz nbc just killed it

Si Mane Price said...

Still works for me.