Thursday 17 March 2016

Who's Ghana take the weight?

A brief compendium of things Kwamz & Flava's Takeover has made "go gaga" since I first posted it back in january: "the mandem" foreal, the duo's motherland of Ghana, borks from all across continental Europe, Black History Month tributes in Canadian schools, Men In Black in Indianapolis parking garages, Irving Plaza in New York, BBC1Xtra's playlist, YouTube's million views mark, the music channels on Freeview now the official video is here. Gotta respect a group who perform their own syncronised dance routines even though they've got the whole planet shakin' a leg to their song.

Kwamz & Flava - Takeover
(From Takeover single; 2016)

Bit ironic that a duo who formed after their joke freestyle session about bread went Facebook-viral should begin to flourish creatively and career-wise as they expunge the rapping from their music, but the citizens of this soggy island have always made better tunes when they use rap as a flavouring in the hotpot rather than the main ingredient. Pour out a lil' Bisto for Betty from Corrie.


Dank said...

AKA are gonna cane this.

Ruben said...

Different but I like it

Zara said...

Favourite song out!!