Saturday, 12 March 2016

Reasons why I love YouTube # 69

Back in 1993 Fab 5 Freddy & the YO! MTV Raps crew visited the Bronx to talk with Showbiz & A.G only to find half the N.Y rap scene hangin' out at Chez Showbiz. Lord Finesse, A.G & Show spit a few bars as DJ Roc Raida spins tunes, and Big L, Dres & Mista Lawnge of Black Sheep, and Diamond D pull out records from Show's crates as Freddy blows hot smoke up everyone's metaphorical arses like the corporeal Phade from Wild Style he really was IRL. This segment has never been on YouTube in its entirety until earlier this week, so kudos to whoever did the rippin' and uppin':


Yeldarb said...


d said...

Aw man yes. Dont think Ive seen any of this before

I love Freddy, even though he was shit at interviewing/hosting on paper he created a good athmosphere, its like when Pimp C categorized ppl into whos in the house/whos smoking/whos keeping it real for 10 mins. Its not like he was Arsenio

Si Mane Price said...

When I say Freddy was Phade foreal I mean that as a compliment.

"...You gonna be makin' money like Barry White!"

Anonymous said...

Dres was mr too cool for school LOL

Whole Car Berner said...

ah of course.

know what I havent seen Wild Style in full in forever, feel like I could appreciate it more now that I dont give much of a fuck about graffiti and can laugh @ Patti/Charlie fumbling through their bronx safari. like I remember thinking ppl sneaking up on someone and tagging their back was a thing that happened irl

Was it this or Style Wars that had the art gallery scene? cos now that I think about it Blood In Blood Out stung that or maybe its just an obvious trope idk. need to watch Style Wars again too

Si Mane Price said...

Art Gallery scenes in both.

The worst thing about the whole 4 elements bollocks is that it puts people off watching Wild Style and Style Wars.

d said...

Yeah theyre classics and p much the best proper documentation of that era. The funny thing is Style Wars disproves the whole theory w the manhattan led zeppelin fans etc. There was a 20 yr anniversary dvd I saw yrs ago that had a load of followup interviews and it made it clearer how disparate a range of ppl were doing this shit.

most annoying for me is when the 4 elements etc come up now I dont think of Bomfunk MCs, youtube commenters or KRS anymore, just that its so far past accepted history that Bun B teaches a college course in this bullshit after being in a group w a dude who came up w a joke subgenre name to spite these wronguns.

Si Mane Price said...

S/O to dude in the Van Halen shirt in Style Wars.